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Choosing the Right Stairs for Your Loft Conversion

May 31, 2017
Imagine you’ve made the excellent decision to have a loft conversion installed. Now it’s time to think about which type of staircase will suit your home best. Anglian Carpentry will build your stairs from scratch and then connect your loft conversion to the rest of your house. You might be surprised at quite how many different staircase styles there are out there. Here’s just a few staircase design suggestions to get you started.

Think Practical

A straight Staircase

If you have young children or require a less complicated design for ease of access, then a straight or winder staircase might be your best option. These types require more space in the room or hallway below the loft but the space below the staircase can then be utilised as extra storage. Instead of using a landing, winder stairs use wedged-shaped stairs to form 90 or 180 degree turns. They have the elegance of a spiral staircase (see below) and provide additional safety. 

Space Restrictions

If space is at a premium, then spiral staircases are another possibility. Rising vertically, they take up much less room on the floor below. Spiral staircases can give your space a fun feel or even be romantic. Whatever style you choose, spiral staircases are always aesthetically pleasing. Steel is a popular choice of material for use in spiral staircases due to its versatile nature.

Take-off and Landing

A Winder Staircase

Half-landing and quarter-landing stairs have steps that turn 90 degrees like a single winder but are also reminiscent of straight stairs. They feature no curved steps as they utilise a flat landing. This means they are a safe, convenient and functional choice.

Alternating Tread Staircases

Alternating Tread Staircases save space by having a tread design that alternates with part of the tread cut away. The user needs to rely on familiarity built through regular use for reasonable safety.

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