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Lofts of The World: Tokyo

January 25, 2018

Tokyo's skyline at night featuring various apartment buildings.

It’s been a while since we last wrote a blog in our occasional ‘lofts of the world’ series, but we hope you are glad to welcome it back. In our last blog from the series, we focused on Manhattan. This time we’ll be heading East to look at the loft apartments of Tokyo, Japan. 

Apartments in Tokyo 

Tokyo has a long and varied history when it comes to apartment design. Many of the traditional apartment buildings were built in the 50s, 60s and 70s and were built in the Danchi style. Danchi is a Japanese word for a large cluster of apartment buildings, typically built as public housing and with a very square, box design. 

In more recent times, the design of Tokyo’s apartments has become increasingly modern. Due to the large population of the city, rent and housing prices are through the roof and, much like London, you pay lots for not much space. This has led to cramped conditions, with any available space being cleverly used to house apartments. Due to the lack of space available to them, Japanese architects started to introduce micro-apartments into the city, tiny apartments that can house two people at a push.

Loft Apartments of Tokyo

Many of these luxury loft apartments require the occupant to have significantly more yen in their budge than others. The favoured style of architecture in Japan is modern, but with a traditional ‘feeling’. In many of these loft apartments, interior designers achieve this by incorporating older looking wood features into the apartment. The more luxurious loft apartments are often open plan and don’t require their owners to climb a ladder to go to sleep

Japan has a long history of spiritual beliefs, dating back to the ancient religion of Shinto. These beliefs linked to spirituality and karma are still respected today and are commonly the theme of Japanese architecture. Many of these loft apartments are designed to be peaceful and include Shoji’s in their design.

Taking Inspiration from Tokyo’s Loft Apartments 

If you are thinking of having your loft converted but need inspiration for the design, using Tokyo’s lofts as a theme is a good idea. Here are the main things to consider if you want to recreate the atmosphere of a Japanese loft apartment in your own home:
  • Plain but eye-catching colours – A bit of an oxymoron, but it is a very effective style. Many of the loft apartments in Tokyo feature an array of plain and creamy colours. 
  • Wooden features – Very popular within these apartments, a design trend you can easily replicate in your own home. 
  • Open plan design – This mainly depends on the style and space in your loft, but it is also an important feature you should consider. In the more luxurious of apartments in Tokyo, open plan design is common and this is something you can recreate in your home.
  • House plants – The Japanese are plant lovers for sure and they love to incorporate a variety of different plants in their houses and apartments, something you should also try. 

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