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Our Great Testimonials

June 06, 2017
At Anglian Carpentry, our reputation means a lot to us. It’s important to us that we offer quality products and services that leave our customers happy. Here are just a few examples of some positive feedback we’ve received that has really made our day.

Happy Customers

We were really pleased with the work at Marsha’s home and so was she. We like to make your conversion a space that builds on and improves the existing features of your house. Your conversion should be something that fits right into place and is accessible and seamless in design. 

“You guys have done a fabulous job on my loft conversion, so I just wanted to express my appreciation. The finished space now feels like a room that has always been part of the house.”

Anglian Carpentry Testimonial 01

Happy Homes

It was a pleasure working with Mr and Mrs Belcher. From start to finish we will work with you, our customers, to create a beautiful loft conversion that will transform your home.

“From day one, Anglian Carpentry were a pleasure to do business with. They organised everything, sorted out problems and came up with great ideas to complement our own.”

Anglian Carpentry Testimonial 02

Recommend a Friend

Jason King sung our praises with this Five Star review on Facebook. If you’ve received a great service from us, don’t forget to recommend us to a friend. 

“Excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail, would have no hesitation in recommending.”

Anglian Carpentry Testimonial 03

Blogging Marvellous

Professional blogger Ruth had been warned by friends that building work could be intrusive but this couldn’t have been further from the truth. At Anglian Carpentry, we have developed a unique method of working on your loft conversion that doesn’t get in the way of your home life. We cut a 4ft x 4ft square in the gable end of your roof. We’ll use this for access to your property throughout the loft conversion project.  Ruth was delighted with her loft conversion and we were so proud of the glowing review she gave of us. Find the full write up on her Rock ‘n’ Roller Baby blog.

If you’re impressed by our testimonials and you’d like to find out more about getting a loft conversion, give us a call on 01953 452269 to arrange a free survey.

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