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Using Light and Dark Colours to Achieve Desired Effects

January 31, 2018

A loft apartment that uses both light and dark shades.

Here at Anglian Carpentry, we have been working in the loft conversion industry for over 40 years between us. In this time, we have worked on countless properties and have seen a wide variety of styles of decorating. In this blog, we will be talking about how you can effectively use light and dark colours in your loft conversion to achieve the different effects you want.

Decorating with Lighter Shades 
Lighter shades are a good choice as they complement the light and airy atmosphere of a converted loft. Many lighter colours and shades are predicted to be popular this year and here are some of the best ways to use them:
  • Using pale colours – A light texture is inviting and creates a relaxed atmosphere, making  pale colours and pastel shades perfect for use in bedrooms and sitting rooms. Grey is a very versatile colour which can be used in a variety of rooms.  
  • Using white – White is a seemingly timeless colour. Simple but effective, white is suitable for almost every kind of room and represents light and purity. Using white in your conversion will reflect the sunlight and maximise the natural light in the loft.
  • Using bolder colours – Lighter shades shouldn’t restrict you to just whites, creams, pastels and greys. Norwich City fans will be delighted to know that vibrant greens and yellows also feature in the palette of lighter shades. Yellow is a good choice for bedrooms and even bathrooms and will make the rooms seem much brighter, especially with the help of the sun.

A loft conversion we completed which is decorated with light shades to maximise natural light.

Decorating with Dark Shades 
Darker shades can be overlooked by those wanting to decorate, but they shouldn’t be. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate them into your loft conversion:
Our Loft Conversions 

We have been creating bespoke loft conversions for years. In this time, we have seen our work transform the lives and properties of our customers. Unlike some companies, we can handle every aspect of the loft conversion ourselves, from gaining access to the loft to applying the finishing touches. Should you want, we can also undertake the decoration of your conversion. 

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