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Will a Loft Conversion Compromise My Homes Insulation?

February 08, 2018

Celotex insulation in a conversion job we did.

As a home improvements company, we have been asked almost every different question you can imagine. Luckily, our favourite question: “Does anybody want a cuppa?” is among the most frequent. Another contender – and the focus of this week’s blog – is to ask how we will incorporate loft insulation. 

Insulation in Older Properties 

The loft insulation in older properties is usually much less energy efficient than the insulation found in newer properties. This is mainly due to the improvements that have been made to insulation over the years. The insulation in older lofts is usually found in between the bridging joists of the building. The insulation found here is usually not very effective and leaves the loft feeling cold, due to both the placement and the poor quality of the insulation.

Loft Insulation and Our Conversions 

Our conversions won’t compromise the insulation of your loft at all. If your property is an older one with an unconverted loft, it’s likely the insulation in the loft isn’t the most effective and our work will improve the insulation in your loft. The insulation in the lofts of older properties is usually found lying above the ceiling of your uppermost floor, rather than in the rafters of the roof, like more modern properties. 

When we convert lofts, we insulate them with solid slabs of Celotex insulation board. Celotex is a premium fibreboard insulation manufacturer, who provide both the thinnest and thickest fibreboard insulation on the UK market. We use their 100mm thick slabs, as these provide the best quality insulation without eating up the extra space we are creating in the loft. This high quality insulation is sure to indicate a lower U-value, which indicates good quality insulation. 

The Benefits of Using Celotex Insulation
Here are some of the main benefits of Celotex insulation:
  • Space saving – The insulation board we use is perfect for use in lofts and it will not cut back on the space available. We place the 100mm thick boards between the rafters that support your roof.
  • Improved insulation – Celotex’s insulation board is the perfect product for reducing your energy bills and carbon footprint, while keeping your loft the right temperature.
  • Affordable – For the quality of the product, the Celotex insulation board is very cheap, making it the ideal choice for your loft conversion job. 
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