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Norwich Case Study

The difference between a good loft conversion and a fantastic loft conversion are the little details. You want to feel as though your loft conversion has always been a part of your home – not an afterthought added much later. For that reason we were delighted to be able to work with a customer in Norwich to transform the loft in her semi-detached property.

Norwich Case Study

During our initial survey of the property and consultation with the customer, they explained that they would like to turn their loft into one multi-purpose room. As you can see from the images of the completed work, the result has left the customer not only with a quiet office space at the top of their home, but also a space which can be used as a guest bedroom when necessary. Upon completion, the customer was delighted at the way their new loft conversion blends seamlessly with the rest of their home.

"You guys have done a fabulous job on my loft conversion, so I just wanted to express my appreciation. The finished space now feels like a room that has always been part of the house.

You worked so professionally, solved every unforeseen problem that cropped up with such efficiency and care, I could not have been more pleased. And all of your working methods, from ensuring there was the least disruption, to the actual construction, to handling the details of regulations, I felt I had the benefit of real expertise and experience on your part.

So thank you."

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