In times gone by, a home library was a symbol of wealth and intelligence. Libraries were extremely popular during the Victorian era and books were a very important part of society – arguably more so than they are in modern times. If you prefer hardback books over Amazon Kindles, we will be talking about how you can create your own home library in your loft conversion.

What You Need for a Library

Here are some of the main things you’ll need to create the perfect library:

  • Furniture – To get the best out of your library, you will need suitable furniture to be able to fully immerse yourself in the world of books.
  • Storage – If you love your books, you will need the adequate shelving for all of your collection. We can build you suitable storage in the eaves of your loft.
  • Books – No library would be complete without a collection of books to fill the shelves. The choice is yours, but you should fill the library with books you love and will actually read, in order to make the library space worthwhile.
  • Lighting – Having suitable lighting in your library is vital. Natural lighting is the best choice for reading. Installing large roof windows will flood your new loft library with natural light. When it comes to artificial lighting for nighttime reading – we can take care of all the second fixing light installations.

How We Can Help

We have lots of experience in the loft conversion industry, 40 years between us. In this time, we have created our fair share of home libraries and have seen first hand how they can become a relaxing and important space. We work differently to other companies, handling every single step of the work internally. From the designing of your loft to applying the finishing touches, such as bespoke shelving, we will help with everything.

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