Lofty Ambitions? Make Your Own Observatory in Your Loft Space

Astronomy is one of the most widely practised pastimes in history, with people admiring the night sky for literally thousands of years. The wonders of the universe are still attracting astronomers today and – stargazing is a hobby that is extremely popular. The technological era of the 21st Century has seen the price of telescopes and binoculars become much more affordable. In today’s blog, we will be talking about how you can create your own observatory from the comfort of your loft.

Why Use Your Loft Space As an Observatory?

Your loft space is the perfect place to put your telescope for these reasons:

  • Height advantage – The natural height of your loft makes it a perfect place to view the stars. Being up in the loft will remove obstructions such as other properties and give you a clearer view of the night sky. The natural height of your loft will also place you and your telescope above some of the light pollution in the streets.
  • Access to the sky – This is a pretty important factor for creating and enjoying your own observatory and your loft space provides the perfect access for your telescope to the night sky. You won’t have to worry • about lens fog, as by sticking your telescope out of a Velux window it will become acclimatised to its surroundings. Plus it will be at the perfect angle to start viewing celestial objects!
  • Comfort – Creating an observatory in your loft provides one major benefit – the comfort of your own home. You can personalise your loft space to contain all of your possessions and necessities, making it the perfect place to build your own observatory. Using your loft space is a much more comfortable space than being stuck at the end of the garden.

Our Loft Conversions

We are highly experienced in undertaking loft conversions, with over 40 years of experience in the industry between us. The addition of a Velux window could provide you with the perfect view to watch the night sky from your loft conversion. We have converted our fair share of lofts during our time in the industry and we know first hand the benefits that a loft conversion can provide home owners and their properties.

We handle every process of converting your loft space ourselves. We have a highly experienced team, who are capable of undertaking the whole process of converting your loft. We even developed our own reliable process for gaining access to your loft which reduces stress and disruption to your household.

Interested in having your loft converted to add an observatory to your home? We can help you, call us on 01953 452269 or email us on

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