Lofts Of The World – Nairobi

To keep you up to date with loft conversions all over the world we will be keeping you informed about lofts all over the world.

In this instalment, we will be leaving Asia to travel to Africa and Kenya to see what inspiration you might want to draw from the loft apartments of Nairobi.

Housing in Nairobi

The quality of housing in Kenya varies massively. Despite the majority of wealthy Kenyans living in Nairobi, over half of the population of the city have been estimated to live in slums, which cover only 5% of the city area. In recent years, Kenya has begun to leave its troubled past behind and more and more apartments have been built around the capital.

There are many upmarket neighbourhoods around Nairobi and the inhabitants of these neighbourhoods often live in good housing conditions. These are the areas where the majority of the luxury loft apartments are situated.

Nairobi’s Loft Apartments

Many of the apartments in Nairobi are similar to ones you may see in European countries such as Spain and Portugal. This is mainly due to their appearance, with clay roof tiles and cream coloured walls a staple in the modern apartments in Nairobi’s more upmarket communities.

The apartments in Nairobi are predominantly open plan. Many of the loft apartments in Nairobi have balconies and are equipped with ceiling fans to protect the inhabitants from the heat, which is consistently around the mid to high twenties – like Norwich in April.

Taking Inspiration from Nairobi’s Apartments

If you are thinking of recreating the design of Nairobi’s apartments in your own loft, here are the things you should consider:

  • Open plan rooms – Many of the apartments in Nairobi are open plan, a quality we can recreate in your loft space. Opening up your loft completely will allow you to make the most of the space available to you.
  • Rugs – Rugs seem to be very prominent in Nairobi’s loft apartments. Purchasing your own rugs and mats will allow you to replicate this theme that is so common in Kenyan apartments.
  • Light airy colours – Many of the loft apartments in Nairobi are decorated with light and airy colours. Creams and lighter tones are a common sight and choosing to decorate your conversion in this style will make the space feel much more light and welcoming.

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