A phrase that we often find ourselves saying to our customers is: “You won’t know we’re here until we need to put your staircase in.” Of course, you will know that we are in your loft working, but the method that we have developed allows for as little disruption as possible.
What’s Unique about Our Process?
Unlike other loft conversion companies, we will access your loft space through the roof rather than through the loft hatch. This is one of the first steps we take when converting a loft and, by accessing your loft space in this way, we minimalise disruption to your home. We use scaffolding to reach your roof and cut the entry point in the position where we will later be installing a window.
The access hole will be 4ft x 4ft and we will make it in the gable end of your roof. Throughout the job, this is the place where all of our staff will gain access to your roof. We do this because there is nothing better than the comfort of your own home and forcing you out of your home while we work is something that neither of us want. When it comes towards the end of the job, we will either seal up this entry point or install a window there.
The Rest of Your Conversion 
Once we have created the access point in your roof, we can get on with the major structural work. We install two large c24 timber beams in the loft. They are structural grade timber, as indicated by the c24 and are as strong as steel. Horizontal to these beams we fit collar beams and then thoroughly insulate the rafters of the loft with Celotex insulation, this prevents heat from escaping the roof in the colder months.
Towards the end of the conversion job we will close the access point in your roof and begin installing your staircase. This is the only stage where we will have to enter the rest of your home, however stair installation should not take more than a day or so.
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